Tehran: Vanak Square

Vanak Square is packed with people, taxis, busses, and cars. Located in north central Tehran, the square is like dozens of other busy traffic circles throughout the city. There is no easy way for a timid pedestrian to maneuver in the press of people, metal, and diesel fumes. A huge portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini with flowing white hair looms over the square. Chickens roast outside food stores while illegal knockoffs of Western brands are sold on the sidewalks.

Photos by Reese Erlich and Keith Porter
© 2001 by The Stanley Foundation
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Iranian currency - 10000 Rial: 1000 To'man.

Rotisserie chicken in Iran.Illegal Addidas knockoff sneakers.

Huge portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini looms over the square.
Map showing location of Vanak Square.
Tehran Taxi.