Tehran: Friday Prayers

The Friday prayer service in downtown Tehran is the rallying point for conservative Islamic forces in Iran. Ten to fifteen thousand men gathered on this particular Friday to hear a speech by former President Hashemi Rafsanjani. Women listened in a separate but adjacent area. Following the speech, Rafsanjani led the prayers. The speech and the prayers were interrupted at times by shouts of "Death to America." The chants were clearly directed at the US government; as individual Americans we were never hassled. In fact, everyone—from high government officials to ordinary people in small villages—went out of their way to be friendly.

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Photos by Reese Erlich and Keith Porter
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Former President Rafsanjani leads Friday Prayers.

Thousands of men bow in prayer.
Boy with raised fist among the rows of men.
Banner: Cries are being made due to corruption and cultural decay in western communities including the U.S.A.