Tehran: Scenes

Tehran is a complicated and fascinating city. Murals of various Ayatollahs stare down from hundreds of buildings. The great Bazaar's winding catacomb-like passages have housed thousands of merchants for over 150 years. The former US embassy, with a skeleton-faced Statue of Liberty mural, is now used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. And simple restaurants, like the Café Hajibaba, still offer tea and water pipes. In the café photo, Reese Erlich is at the far right.

Photos by Reese Erlich and Keith Porter
© 2001 by The Stanley Foundation
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Many people shop at the Great Bazaar.Former US embassy with skeleton-faced Statue of Liberty mural.

Mural of Ayatollahs.
Reese (far right) in a cafe.
Persian rug merchants at the bazaar.
Water pipes.